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As you know, I hardly update this site. But I have a few changes in store for this blog. It will no longer be about general gymnastics. Instead, it’ll be of Japanese gymnastics. And since I’m graduating high school in a week, I’ll be able to spend more time dedicated towards this blog. I hope you still continue reading this. :]


Natsumi Sasada a Senior?

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I was just browsing through the Japanese official site and noticed the 2009 list of women’s national team members.

-Koko Tsurumi
-Yuko Shintake
-Kyoko Oshima
-Keiko Mukumoto
-Yu Minobe
-Manami Ishizaka
-Rie Tanaka
-Yoshino Yaguta
-Mayu Kuroda
-Natsumi Sasada
-Shigeru Ozawa

If this list is true, then former olympians Kana Yamawaki (2000 – JPN) and He Xuemei (1992 – CHN) have retired since the 2008 Olympic Trials. And Natsumi Sasada will turn 16 this year. For those who don’t remember Sasada, she was the gymnast that had the full-twisting layout beam mount.

My Name Is Ksenia Afanasyeva

March 17, 2009 - One Response

And I either hit or fall apart miserably.
One of the contenders for the European all-around gold had mixed results at the 2009 Russian Championships.

During prelims, Afanasyeva hit all events, placing herself first after qualifying.
1. Afanasyeva – 59.60
2. Semenova – 59.00
3. Goryunova – 58.35

But during all-around finals, she fell apart.
2. Semenova – 58.20
5. Goryunova – 55.50
6. Afanasyeva – 55.20

The good thing is, is that Afanasyeva had the highest all-around total of the entire competition; beating out Mustafina who won finals with a 58.55.

Now, moving onto event finals; hits and misses were mixed. Ksenia Semenova won uneven bars with a 15.800 and Ksenia Afanasyeva got third with 14.700. Semenova’s score especially is very good for the new code; and it’s the highest score I’ve personally seen with the new code on bars. Afanasyeva shared the beam title with a 14.950 with Mustafina; showing another hit from her. However, we come to floor where Semenova shocked everyone winning with a 14.925 (which is higher than the majority of her floor scores with the old code, very strange). Afanasyeva finished in a dismal sixth, 13.850.

Well my break is over :]

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Sorry about the unannounced break. During the break I competed at the 2009 Texas State Diving Championships; vacationed during spring break, and got grounded. So now I’m back. Will post some news tonight :D


February 15, 2009 - One Response

Sorry for the lack of updates recently.

The 2009 African Championships were at the beginning of this month, dominated by the Egyptian gymnasts.  Sherine El Zeiny won the AA, followed by Jennifer Khwela of South Africa.  Khwela is a great gymnast to watch, and her beam is full of difficulty (ro+whip, ro+double pike dismount).

Her routine would have a D-Score of 6.2 in the new code, which is high considering the drop of two elements.

USA January Camp Rumours

January 25, 2009 - 5 Responses

It sounds like some crazy skills are being thrown at this camp.
Bridget Sloan is training a front layout with three twists, never done in international competition before.  She is still training her 3/2 thru to a triple twist as well.
Chellsie Memmel is training a Gaylord!  This skill was made famous by Mo Huilan and Bi Wenjing at the 1996 Olympic Games.
Samantha Peszek is recovering from an injury, and is only doing invididual skills at this camp.

Natsumi Sasada’s Mom!

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Yayoi Kano, member of the Japanese world championship gymnastics teams in 1978, 1979, 1981, and 1983!

Her coach is Viktor Razmovsky;  the coach of 1988 Olympian Yelena Schevchenko.

American Cup Updates

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  • Ana Maria Tamarjan has pulled out of the competition.  Junior Amelia Racea will compete in her place.
  • Ksenia Afanasyeva is not 100% and doesn’t know whether or not she will be competing at the meet.  If Ksenia is still unable to compete, then Goryunova will compete in her place.

2009 Hong Kong International Results

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1. Japan
2. China-Shanghai
3. Taiwan 

All Around

1. Asuka Teramoto (JAP)
2. Mina Sugimira (JAP)
3. Huang Rujun (CHN) 


1. Angel Wong (HKG)
2. Lisa Konishi (JAP)
3. Meng Han (TWN)

Uneven Bars:

1. Asuka Teramoto (JAP) – 14.450
2. Huang Rujun (CHN)  – 14.225
3. Riho Shibata (JAP) – 13.950

Balance Beam: 

1. Sun Dongwei (CHN) – 15.325
2.  Riho Shibata (JAP) – 15.125
3. Asuka Teramoto (JAP) – 14.900

Floor Exercise 

1. Lisa Konishi (JAP) – 14.525
2. Riho Shibita (JAP) – 14.325
3. Sun Dongwei (CHN) – 14.050 

Note: China competed with only their Shanghai team club.  Shanghai has some notable gymnasts such as Fu Bo and Zhang Yujiao.

Koko Tsurumi to compete at the American Cup.

January 17, 2009 - One Response

Star Japanese gymnast Koko Tsurumi has been announced to be competing at the 2009 American Cup held in Chicago on Feb. 21.  She will be joined by a great international field to compete at this all-around competition.  The Japanese men is sending rather unknown gymnast Koji Uematsu.

Brittany Rogers, Canada
Kim Bui, Germany
Rebecca Downie, Great Britain
Koko Tsurumi, Japan
Ksenia Afanasyeva, Russia
Bridget Sloan, USA
Jordyn Wieber, USA

Jessica Lopez, Venezuela
TBD: two U.S. and two international

Benoit Caranobe, France
Fabian Hambuechen, Germany
Koji Uematsu, Japan
Luis Rivera, Puerto Rico
Flavius Koczi, Romania
Yury Ryazanov, Russia
Joseph Hagerty, USA
David Sender, USA

Jose Luis Fuentes, Venezuela
TBD: two U.S. and one international


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